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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions our clients sometime mention:

Q. Where are you?
A. P Waddington & Co is centrally positioned on the M62 corridor with the M1 less than 10 minutes away giving us coast to coast accessibility and the ideal base to service customers to the North and South. (see map & directions)
Q. How long hasP Waddington & Co been involved in waste disposal?
A. Over 125 years, and we are proud to be an independent
Q. What makes P Waddington & Co different?
A. Our flexible approach the needs of an ever-diversifying client base. (see Services)
Q. What are the minimum and maximum amounts you collect/process?
A. No minimum and no maximum
Q. What is an animal-by-product?
A. Animal by-products are the parts of slaughtered animals that are not directly consumed by humans, including dead on-farm animals and catering waste (i.e. waste food originating from restaurants, catering facilities and kitchens) that contains or has been in contact with meat products, whether cooked or uncooked. Some of these products are used in animal proteins like meat-and-bone meal, fats, gelatine, collagen, pet food and other technical products such as glue, leathers, soaps, fertilisers etc. The alternative to these uses for ABPs is destruction, usually through incineration.