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Animal ByProducts

Animal By-Products (ABP's)

P Waddington & Co are DEFRA approved and licensed animal by-products processors providing unrivalled services to the meat processing industries.

With over 100 years experience in the handling, processing and disposal of ABPs, Waddingtons has the technology, expertise and management skill to offer 'cradle-to-grave' disposal solutions for any ABP waste stream including:

  •  Bone, fat, offal and gut
  •  Hides, skins, hooves and horns
  •  Blood, manure and gut content
  •  Chicken feathers
  •  Pig bristles and toenails
  •  ABP contaminated packaging
  •  Out-of-date prepared foods containing or contaminated by ABPs
  •  Eggs and hatchery products
  •  Former foodstuffs designated as unfit for human consumption
  •  Waste water from food processing plants and facilities
  •  Former foodstuffs and ABPs arriving in the UK by means of international transport

For unrivalled expert advice and information please call 01274 730090 or email info@waddingtonwaste.com