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Supermarkets & Bakeries

Supermarkets & Bakeries

Essential waste management services to food retailers, bakery and supermarket trades.

P Waddington & Co are proud to number in their client list some of the major regional and national names in supermarkets and bakeries. These market leaders have recognised the difficulties posed by the potential for some of their food waste to come into contact with animal by-products (ABPs) and the need to dispose of it separately.

 Butchery and fishmonger trim
 Bacon and sausage waste
 Cooked and uncooked chicken
 Restaurant and canteen waste
 Pastry pizza and bread dough
 Pies, pasties, sausage rolls and scotch eggs
 Prepared meals like curries and Chinese foods
 Soups, sauces and gravies
 Batters, crumbs and frying oils

The list of products and materials that may contain or come into contact with animal by-products is endless and, under new legislation, will need to be segregated and dealt with according to procedures set down in law.

If you believe your operation could be affected please contact us on 01274 730090 for help and advice.